Lisa Hill, affectionately called “Camp Mom,” TBC’s First Lady, has dedicated over twenty years to serving campers. As the first female volunteer to assist in coordinating and arranging the Camp’s kitchen, her contributions extend beyond culinary duties. We are incredibly grateful for all that she does!

Q. How would you describe your role at Truth Bible Camp?

Pictured from left to right, Debbie Kea and Lisa Hill.

A. As ‘Camp Mom,’ I plan and organize all the meals. We feed an average of 75 people—campers, camp teachers, staff and volunteers—three times a day. For more than 20 years I have served in this role, and we have collected a group of regular contributors. These generous people not only provide funding for the meals but many prepare and serve the meals. These meals tend to be the kids’ favorites. We welcome any who wish to join this list of contributors. You will be the one truly blessed when you see these happy, hungry faces!

Q. What’s the best part for you?

A. I look forward to seeing our returning campers. Not only do they grow physically, but they also show their spiritual growth and maturity. My hope is that our camp inspires them to continue learning more about being a vibrant Christian, even in their youth.

Q. What are you most excited about for this year’s camp?

A. We are thrilled that our favorite speakers, Debbie Kea and Tim McHenry, are returning, and we look forward to Kerry Duke’s famous chocolate gravy! We’re also hopeful that several of our facilities will receive much-needed upgrades, such as a new cabin equipped with showers for the girls.

Q. How can people help support the camp?

A. Please consider joining us in sustaining the vitality of this camp. Your contributions can support facility improvements, supplies, food and camp scholarships. Above all, we seek your prayers for our prosperity and invite you to entrust us with your children. Just like you, we cherish their souls and pledge to look after them with utmost care. You can donate here.