There are many very educated people that believe in God and the Bible. I would say there are more that do believe in God than are those who do not believe in God.
Those that reject the existence of the God of the Bible do not have one particle of proof on which to base their rejection. I want to emphasize this point. The God rejecters do not have ONE point of proof that God does not exist. They have all kinds of theories and speculations, but these theories and speculations will not hold up under good reasoning and sound thinking. As I hear atheists make their arguments against God and His existence, they will use words like “perhaps,” or “it may have been,” or “we have reason to believe” etc. I would like to see them give proof that God does not exist.
As I receive scientific materials, I inspect them to see what they have to say. The theory of evolution is still theory, even though some teach it as fact. There is not a teacher of science, biology, physics, or any other subject that can give one argument of proof that godless evolution is true. Those who teach it to be true are either ignorant or dishonest. If I am wrong, then let someone give proof that I am. All I am asking is for ONE point of fact that disproves the existence of the God of the Bible. We shall be waiting, but we will not hold our breath for the atheist to give answer. If we did, we would never breathe another breath.
Why are men atheists? Some are atheists because they think they know more than they really do. This is not a new thing. Paul found those at Corinth, many years ago, that rejected God because they could not find Him in creation (I Cor. 1:21). They could not find God because they did not want to find Him. The Romans were the same way (Rom. 1:28). Some are wise in their own conceits (Rom. 12:16). Some have led themselves to believe that they really know a lot. It is amazing how much nonsense some people can learn in a lifetime and some much less in a lifetime. It is better not to know so much than to know so much that is not true.
Some people reject God because they have been taught all their life that there is no God. Many of the Russians that we have met in the university in Moscow do not believe in God because they have been taught that God does not exist. They have not been given reasons for rejecting God; they have been told by the government, in days gone by, that they must not believe in God. Jezebel was a rejector of God because she was a Baal worshiper. She was taught to reject God by her father, the king of the Zidonians, who was a rejector of God. (Read I Kings 17 and 18.) Some men reject God and the Bible because they do not want to live right. They want to be free to do as they please. They are led by the fleshly man and want it to be so. They do not want to be restricted in life by any one or any thing: and this includes God and His Bible. But many of the Romans were like this. They did not want to retain God in their mind because they wanted to fornicate, hate, talk as they wished, treat people as they wished, not keep their word, etc. (Rom. 1:28-32). Most people that reject the existence of God set their own standard for conduct. Adolph Hitler did this, as well as Joseph Stalin and all other ruthless leaders. Show me a man that rejects God and the Bible and I will show you a man that does as he pleases wherein he can.
Some men reject God because of human suffering. Some reject God because of bitter experiences. Some reject God because of poverty. Some reject God because of riches. Some reject God because they think it is sophisticated to do so. Some reject God because they think it is the most popular way. Some reject God because of position. Some reject God because they need an excuse.
But no man rejects God and the Bible because he has a justifiable reason to do so. There is not a man living or dead that could prove that God does not exist and that the Bible is not His word. Men reject God because they wish to and not because the facts lead them to do so.
-Malcolm Hill