1. Don’t stay too long.


  1. Don’t lecture them about what they should do. Ask about their condition but don’t try to play doctor. Make any suggestions carefully.


  1. Don’t try to force them to be happy. If possible cheer them up but don’t try to be a comedian.  People in pain are not in the mood (Ecc. 3:4; Prov. 25:20).


  1. Don’t tell them about everybody else’s problems (or yours).


  1. Don’t tell them they look tired, bad, sick, or pale.


  1. Weigh each situation by its own circumstances as to what to say, how long to stay, or what to talk about.


  1. Respect the feelings of sick people first.


  1. Remember that most sick people love prayer.


  1. Offer to help and make sure you mean it.


  1. Do something kind such as bringing flowers.

 Remember that Jesus said, “I was sick and you visited me” (Matt. 25:36)!