The song recorded by Red West [c 1965] has become a staple of Christmas carols “O why can’t every day be like Christmas?” It’s an interesting thought in many ways, but specifically in a spiritual sense.

A characteristic of many is to arise early to go to a church service and remember Jesus. Wouldn’t that be something if everyone adopted such a practice every day? As the song says, “What a wonderful world this would be.” The Psalmist of old wrote of just such a desire (Psalm 57:8). In regarding the day of the Lord, our day and our time, he wrote; we should “rejoice and be glad in it” (Psa. 118:24).

In this time of year many talk about Jesus! Wonder why that doesn’t happen everyday? The marvel and wondrous work of God’s grace was Jesus (Mark 12:10-11)—the fulfillment of His plan and prophecy (Matt. 5:17). He was born of a virgin (Luke 1:27) and laid in a manger (Luke 2:7-16), all of this is talked about even in public schools this time of year with plays and choral presentations. Some will talk about His good works, and Him going about to do good (Mark 7:37). Not mentioned as much, yet occasionally regarded, is the cross of Calvary (Gal. 6:14), and a few will even take time to remember His resurrection (I Cor. 15). After all it is in His resurrection, we are to celebrate. Why can’t everyday be like this?

It’s the time of year for charitable donations. Charity is on the mind of many people, a desire to help a neighbor (Matt. 22:39). Do you give good gifts? Though not actually recorded in His recorded speech, the Holy Spirit reveals a statement of the Lord when He said; “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Suppose every day was as charitable as Christmas, what a wonderful world this would be.

Just about everywhere one goes in this season there is music and singing. A sign of a merry heart is singing (Prov. 17:22). Christians should sing (James 5:13). Why wouldn’t every day be this way? 

Many set Christmas Day as a day of worship. Sadly, one of the few days some will attend a worship service is Christmas. From the very beginning of the church, God placed an emphasis on worship (Acts 2) on the first day of the week (I Cor. 16:2). He not only emphasized worship, but he also encouraged us to worship often (Heb. 10:25). 

In this time many talk about worship and worshipping. They set time aside for it and prepare themselves for it, even to purchasing special clothing to dress up and be presentable for the “Christmas service.” Why wouldn’t this be done throughout the year? Why would you do this for Christmas which is not mentioned in the Bible, and not do it all year long on the day of worship which is mentioned? It is truly amazing just how upside-down people can be. Why can’t every day be either a day of worship or a day of preparation for worship to God?

Christmas is a time of gathering. Families and friends get together to enjoy a meal, relax, and connect. It is a day of gatherings. The first century Christians understood the value of gathering (Acts 2:46). They enjoyed being together and eating together—a time of fellowship. In this time of plenty, seems that no one has time to relax and enjoy the blessings God has given. Why wouldn’t we want to do so? Life is short, and strength comes in good relationships. Why, can’t every day be like Christmas?

While you’re enjoying the Holiday season, think on these things for the new year. Happy Holidays and may the Lord grant you a happy, productive New Year in His kingdom!

– David Hill, President of Tennessee Bible College