Welcome to Tennessee Bible College and to an unique institution of Christian education!

The College was founded in 1975 with a very defined focus of training Gospel preachers, Bible teachers and Christian workers. It was not and is not a liberal arts college. Our heroes are men and women of faith who love the Lord and His word, the Bible. Our goal is to help continue the ancient tradition of Christian faith.

On the college crest is a discipline unique to our program – apologetics. That is giving a reason for faith and being equipped to instruct others in reasoning to God and the faith. The philosophical side of Bible study has been neglected in many curriculums but not here. Our purposes are learning what one can know of the Creator and the created and preparing every student to face with confidence any challenger in the philosophical arena.

A Christian college education is now as close to you as your personal computer. With our online program, TBC is open for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Courses are available on campus, online, anytime you are ready! The textbook we exalt is the inspired word of God – the Bible.

I invite you to join the TBC family of students today!

David Hill