Friends of TBC Benefit Dinner

TBC’s annual Benefit Dinner is a time for alumni, faculty, friends, and future friends to gather for an evening of connection. This event features entertainment, guest speakers, and honorees from the TBC community. Our coming together is for the purpose of building long-lasting associations and all are invited!

Paul Wilmoth

TBC’s 2021 Guest of Honor

Brother Paul Wilmoth was one of the first students to enter TBC back at the beginning in 1975. Since earning a bachelor’s degree, he has served as an instructor and assistant to the President. He has been a supporter of the work of the College in every way by helping to promote the college and special programs. He has preached on many lecture programs and spoken by appointment for TBC. Some of the largest crowds for the annual lectureship came as a result of his work in organizing, inviting and promoting. It was also his work that made many international missions possible through his covering at home at the Northeast congregation while brother Malcolm Hill was away. Brother Paul has been a faithful preacher of the Gospel of Christ for almost 60 years. He and his wife Shirley have been dedicated supporters financially for years. Only time and eternity will reveal the extent of the good work done by this humble and unselfish servant brother Paul Wilmoth.

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