Graduate Program

Concentrated Study at Your Fingertips

“The graduate department at Tennessee Bible College offers two degrees: the Master of Theology (M.Th.) degree and the Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree. These research-oriented programs specialize in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics.The graduate School of TBC is one of the few colleges in the country that offer advanced degrees in this area of study.

Our world is flooded with anti-Christian and anti-biblical teaching, especially in higher education. At times we encounter this worldview just as Paul refuted the reasoning of Epicurean and Stoic philosophers at Athens in Acts 17. Paul used the evidence of creation to respond and even cited writing they knew. In other words, he was trained and ready. This is our goal in the graduate department. These courses of study are affordable and Bible-centered. We are looking for dedicated students who hunger for this instruction. Look further at the courses offered to see how we can help you.”

– Kerry Duke, VP of Academics and Academic Affairs