Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

What is the Doctor of Theology Degree?

The Th.D. degree is an intense program of study for serious students who want to further their education beyond the master’s level of courses. In this doctoral degree you will delve into intriguing courses in apologetics like the problem of evil and a critique of atheism and agnosticism. Studies will include comparative theology such as a study of denominational doctrines and world religions.

Does this degree program require writing a dissertation? Yes. In addition to classwork this written project, conducted under the guidance of a graduate professor, is designed to give you an opportunity to explore a special area of interest.

There are prerequisites to entering this program. Please read the Graduate Catalog carefully.

What makes this program unique at TBC?

This program provides training to deal with challenging questions in courses about alleged discrepancies of the Bible and the interpretation of the English Bible. Studies will allow a student to dig deeper into church history in a course on the literature of the restoration movement. An emphasis on Christian doctrine and apologetics and a wide range of biblical and theological topics make this a remarkable degree.

If you are looking for a doctoral program where the Bible is revered as the inspired Word of God, this degree is for you.