Tennessee Bible College has various formats of audio material recorded to edify and help those seeking God’s Word.

Bible Doctrine and Bible Commentary were created by Dr. Kerry Duke, TBC’s VP of Academics & Academic Affairs. He has recorded over fifty hours of discussion on God, Christ and the Bible; sin and salvation; heaven and hell; government and the family; the leadership, worship, and work of the church; and other Bible subjects. Each lesson is less than 15 minutes so you can listen on the go and at any time! Straightforward and Bible-centered.

Listen to convenient 15-minute discussions of Bible topics ranging from who God is to how Christians should live.
Use these explanations of Scripture for personal growth and class or sermon preparation. Includes the book of Luke and most of the New Testament epistles.
Different speakers speak on a variety of needed Bible topics every year at the TBC lectureship. This is a wonderful resource for those who could not attend and for those who did.
One Gospel Minute was created by TBC’s founding President Malcolm Hill and has been used in radio spots around the country. You will learn a lot about the Bible in just 60 seconds!
You will be amazed at how much America is like the nation of Judah in the prophet’s day. Just 5 minutes in this great book will give you wisdom and courage!
Ideal for your drive to and from work or school. Ten practical pointers from a chapter of Proverbs in ten minutes. 

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