Master of Theology (M.Th.)

What is the Master of Theology Degree?

The Master of Theology degree (M.Th.) is an advanced degree in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics built on a carefully structured level of knowledge acquired in undergraduate studies in these areas. It includes masters’ level courses in Christian evidences, Greek, theology, Bible interpretation and current issues. Since it is a specialized degree, you may need to take leveling courses to prepare you for these studies, especially if your undergraduate degree is in a different field. But those courses will greatly increase your knowledge; they are not just a formality. In the Master’s program you will have an opportunity to delve into questions and areas of thought that may have been very difficult for you to study on your own.

The Bible-based, research-oriented courses equip you for special teaching and writing effectively in the kingdom of God.

There are prerequisites to entering this program. Please read the Graduate Catalog carefully.

What makes this program unique at TBC?

The M.Th. degree gives you a thesis and a non-thesis option to complete your studies. You have the best of both worlds from which to choose: if you want to write in a special area of interest, the thesis approach is ideal, and if you want to advance further in certain subjects, a number of non-thesis options are available. Either way, you will acquire an irreplaceable, quality education in this program.