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Jun 11, 2024


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The New Testament book of Philemon displays equality through Christ, transcending racial differences. The Gospel brings masters and slaves together as equals. The Gospel of Christ is the sole foundation of equality. Atheistic evolution does not teach equality, yet it is being taught in our schools, which is why America is having trouble. God created us equal with a longing to be free indeed.


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David Hill: The only source of equality is the Gospel of Christ. Have you ever read the little one chapter New Testament book Philemon? It’s the account of a runaway slave, Onesimus, who heard and obeyed the saving message of Christ from a prisoner in Rome named Paul. We know him as the Apostle Paul. Paul sends a letter by Onesimus to Master Philemon instructing him to receive Onesimus back, not as a slave, but as his brother.

The beloved apostle had won both master and slave to Christ, making them family. What was their race? Don’t know. It doesn’t matter. They’re brothers in Christ. Friends, this is the only source of equality from the one who created all men. Atheistic evolution does not teach equality. It was racist from Darwin’s premise.

Read it for yourself. Yet schools would rather teach Darwin than Christ. No wonder there’s trouble in the streets of our America. God created us equal with a longing to be free indeed. That’s the good news. That’s the gospel of Christ. Thank you for listening to One Gospel Minute. Stay in touch with our podcast on our website and on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever fine podcasts are distributed.

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