One Gospel Minute

May 9, 2024

Not the Same Without Mom

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The world is incomplete without the nurturing touch of a mother. According to Genesis 2, it was God who introduced woman to complement man. He bestowed upon her the divine duty of shaping the future generation. The household, the society, even the church, all feel the ripple effects of her influence. When mothers falter in their divine responsibility, it mirrors in the chaos of society. Remember, it was through a woman that Jesus graced the world. This is the Gospel of love and hope.

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  • Scriptures: Genesis 2; Genesis 1:28; Genesis 3:20; I Tim. 2:15; Luke 2:1-20; Matt. 1:18-2:23
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David Hill: The world is not the same without mother. Hi, I’m David Hill. That’s what a friend said several years ago about the passing of his mother. God created woman to complete man (Genesis 2). He gave the directive to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth (Genesis 1:28). That’s Eve, first mother, mother of all living (Genesis 3:20). It was God who said that “woman’s salvation would be in her childbearing, a keeper at home in righteousness.” God gave woman an exalted work to nurture and help train the next generation. When man tampers with God’s plan, that’s when trouble begins. Mom is an enforcer of the rules of home and usually the first called when there is trouble.

It’s observed, as goes the home, so goes society. So it is with mothers. When moms fail in their God-given duty, you may expect trouble in the streets, unrest, even in the churches. Jesus came to the earth through the woman. That’s good news. That’s the gospel. Thank you for listening to One Gospel Minute. Stay in touch with our podcast on our website and on Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever fine podcasts are distributed.

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