One Gospel Minute

Apr 23, 2024

One Minute Sermon

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What is truth? According to Jesus, truth is God’s Word, which He prayed would guide and sanctify His disciples. The standard should always be truth. It transcends personal opinions, preferences, family traditions, and cultural norms. In the words of the Apostle Paul, “Let God be true and every man a liar,” Romans 3:4.


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  • Scriptures: John 17:17; Romans 3:4


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David Hill: How about a minute with the gospel? A friend told me of a man who prefaced every remark with, I’m going to tell you the truth. To which my friend finally responded, If you’re going to tell me anything, tell the truth. Most of us expect the truth. What is truth? Well, Jesus simply stated, God’s word is truth, John 17:17, affirming that the source of truth is God.

It is God’s Word, the truth, which Jesus prayed would sanctify His followers. The standard is and should be truth, not opinion, not necessarily a like or a dislike or even family or cultural practice. The truth is the truth. The Apostle Paul said, let God be true in every man a liar, Romans 3 and verse 4.

God’s Word, the Bible, has endured thousands of years, a changing world, and continues to stand. The standard of truth in morality, right and wrong, good living, salvation, it’s all there. Tell the truth and consult the truth, the source of truth. It’s your choice. Thank you for listening to One Gospel Minute.

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