Two-Year Diploma

What is the Two-Year Diploma?

If you want to study the Bible more and earn a diploma but you are unable to pursue the B.R.E. degree, the Two-Year Diploma in Bible is a good choice. The label “Two-Year” does not mean you have a two-year deadline to complete this program. TBC allows you to take classes at your own pace. The major emphasis in this program is a strong course load in the books of the Bible. Studies include Greek apologetics, ministry classes and special courses in biblical doctrine. You will notice that many of the same classes in the B.R.E. program are offered with the Two-Year Diploma; the difference is in the number of courses required. The two-year program is about half of the credits needed for the bachelor’s degree and it allows for some flexibility in that there are more than enough courses available to earn the credits you need. Some classes of special interest may be chosen.

The Two-Year Diploma is affordable and convenient. Best of all, it is well within your reach!

Is the Two-Year Diploma for me?

This is an excellent program for preachers, but it is not just a preaching diploma. It is designed for anyone who may not have the time to pursue a standard four-year degree but would love to get a solid and useful biblical education.