Two-Year Diploma Courses

The Two-Year Diploma program requires 100 quarter hours of credit which may be chosen from the following courses:


T101 Introduction to the Old Testament
T111 Introduction to the New Testament
T112 Life of Christ I
T113 Life of Christ II
T131 Acts of the Apostles
T132 Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians
T134 I & II Thessalonians
T136 James and Philemon
T222 Hebrew History I
T223 Hebrew History II
T321 Literature of the Prophets I
T322 Literature of the Prophets II
T323 Literature of the Prophets III
T324 Poetical Literature
T325 Wisdom Literature I
T331 I & II Corinthians
T332 I & II Timothy and Titus
T433 Romans and Galatians
T435 Hebrews
T440 I & II Peter, I, II, & III John and Jude
T445 Revelation

Biblical Language

L151, 152, 153 New Testament Greek I, II, & III


D109 Hermeneutics I
D309 New Testament Church
D401, 402 Topical Bible Studies I, & II
D411 Denominational Doctrines


A105 History of Biblical Apologetics
A309 Inspiration of the Bible
A351 Philosophy of Language
A352 Deductive Logic
A451 Existence of God
A459 Ethics


M110 Introduction to Christian Counseling
M200 Personal Evangelism
M230 Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
M370 The Minister and His Personal Life
M435 Church Growth

General Education

G100 Orientation
G101, 102, 103 English Composition
G201 Spoken English