This time of year draws me to Bible stories of courageous mothers.  The world has known many of these special women, but the godly women of scripture stand above the rest.


In Genesis 12, we see Sarah, the mother of the nation of Israel.  God told her husband to go to a far country.  Abram trusted God and so did Sarah.  She had the courage to believe and follow God wherever He led.


In Exodus 2, we see Jochebed.  While the pharaoh sought to kill her baby, Jochebed hid him, and finally with faith and courage, she put him in a basket, and into God’s hands.  It is through the courage of Jochebed that Moses lived and grew up knowing who he truly belonged to, making him fit to deliver Israel (Heb 11:23).


In Judges 4-5, we see Deborah, called a mother of Israel (5:7).  In a time of spiritual weakness among the men of Israel and certainly in Barak who begs for her help, Deborah rides with 10,000 men into battle to save God’s people.  A judge, a prophetess, and a warrior, she was a fierce woman of courage.


In Luke 1-2, we see Mary.  She was a humble peasant girl who courageously bore the shame of society to follow God’s will and become the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Her courage took her all the way through Jesus’ life to the foot of the cross (John 19) and even to worship with the disciples after the resurrection (Acts 1:14).


Finally, I see my own mother, Vida.  She was a seeker of truth her whole life, and when she found it, she obeyed the gospel. 


When I was young, she thought often about the Communists coming to America.  We all feared Russia at that time, but my mother said, “If they come here and tell me to give up God, they’ll just have to shoot me.”  Such was her courage.


Years later I heard about brother Malcolm Hill taking a group of Christians into Russia to teach the gospel.  I called my mother and told her about it. 


“He was in Moscow, Mama.  He stood in Red Square and preached.  He quoted Mark 16:15-16.”


My courageous mother openly wept.

Thank God now at Mother’s Day and every day for our courageous mothers.

-Debbie Kea, Christian author and speaker