Partisan politics is a serious problem. I’m not talking about Republicans versus Democrats. We hear enough about that division from elected officials and mainstream media. I’m talking about a one-sided view of government that goes much deeper.
Like most of you, I am not a politician. I am not even a good student of politics. But there is one thing that I and other Christians understand. There are two sides to this thing we call government, and no one can have the right perspective of it without recognizing both.
The experts and would-be experts are hung up on one aspect of this issue. They only see the human side. But there are two sides to politics: the human and the divine, man’s part and God’s part. No matter how educated or experienced in politics a person is, he will never think and feel about political affairs as he should if he leaves out God.
God is the one who gave government. Men invent different kinds of government, but God is behind the basic concept of it. He delegated this authority to man in Genesis 9:6. Government is an institution of God just as the home is a divine institution. “The powers that be are ordained of God” (Rom. 13:1). How can anyone understand the role of government without acknowledging its divine purpose? Who can keep his sanity about political corruption unless he remembers what the Bible says about the pride and selfishness of mankind?
God alone can provide a real basis for basic moral laws that are necessary in any nation. Why is it wrong to lie, steal, or murder? Our nation and other nations have laws against these. Are these laws just human opinions? If so, what is wrong with changing those laws? If lawmakers leave out the moral law of God from their decisions, then what is the difference between killing an animal and killing a human? Our lawmakers and judges have refused to acknowledge the role of God in what they should be doing. That is why they legalized abortion and same-sex marriage.
Where is recognition of the hand of God in national affairs in discussions about politics? The Bible teaches that God is involved in the course of governments. He raised up Pharaoh to be king in Egypt (Exod. 9:16). He removes and sets up rulers (Dan. 2:21). He rules in the kingdoms of men and gives power to whomever He decides, sometimes even to evil men, for His own purposes and in a way that is above our comprehension and which never removes the free moral agency of man (Dan. 4:17; Isa. 10:5-7).
Politicians lie, scheme, and quarrel with each other. Political commentators claim to have the answers. Average citizens just get more frustrated and scared. But Christians, though we relate to these feelings, are able to live with a calm and composed attitude. How? Because we have a truly bipartisan political view.
Kerry Duke