Tennessee Bible College is now in the publishing business.

The college will release “Pillars of the Faith” – the first in a series of books by TBC Vice President Kerry Duke and other faculty members – in September.

“TBC Press is an all-new avenue for us,” TBC President David Hill said.

“We’re publishing good materials, and we hope that we can really capitalize on that for the good of everyone, especially Christians.”

Hill said Duke’s “Pillars of the Faith” is a study series that can be used in churches and the home.

TBC Press will be releasing hardback and softback books, as well as workbooks by TBC faculty members and others.

“All of us, myself included, have been challenged to get busy and publish materials,” Hill said.

Already-existing works will be incorporated as well, including “My God and My Neighbor” by TBC’s founder and first president Malcolm Hill.

“That is a well-known and widely used book that will be published by TBC Press from here on in,” Hill said.

All TBC Press publicationswill be available to order at www.tn-biblecollege.edu or by calling 931-526-2616.

Hill said, “We’re looking forward to a great future for printing materials that can be used both now and in the future from TBC Press.”