The people in the days of Isaiah were so blinded with sin and rottenness that they could not be ashamed (Isa. 44:9). Jeremiah was in a society that could not blush nor be ashamed (Jer. 6:15; Jer. 8:12). It has always been true that some human beings get so corrupted and given to sin and ruin that the wrong way seems right to them and the right way seems wrong. Some live in such a way that they ruin their consciences. They get to where they are not immoral but amoral. The age in which we live smolders in sin and wickedness. This slide started in the 1960s and it continues to this day. 

Both old and young live out of wedlock. Some women decide who will be the father of their children. Such activity reminds us of the beast of the field. Both male and female run around in nudity. Tight clothing is the call of the day. The style today is “look sexy.” Males and females expose themselves intentionally. There seems to be no limit as to what may be said or done in today’s world. You name it and it is being done.

We ran across some interesting material written by Alexander Campbell years ago. He wrote about a preacher that had involved himself in immorality. According to Campbell this preacher was complaining about the way he was being treated. Brother Campbell said the man wanted to be in the chief seats and acknowledged by the brethren. But the brethren refused to use him because of his wrongdoing. Brother Campbell said if he had acted right he would have taken a back seat and in true sorrow and penitence proven himself. According to Campbell the preacher showed no remorse nor shame for his immoral deeds. There is nothing so distasteful to the righteous than one who has intentionally practiced hypocrisy but demands attention and exaltation. When we commit sin let us understand the gravity of the situation and so conduct our lives to show it.

Should we forgive those who sin when they repent and ask forgiveness? Sure we should. Should we try to help those who have made blunders in their lives? Of course we should. Should we have a true feeling of love and sympathy for those who have gone astray but have returned to God? We all know we should. But at the same time let the transgressor know and understand his reproach and shame. All of us should accept what comes to us when we have committed certain sins. God tells us that we reap what we sow (Gal. 5:6-7). The people of this day and age seem not to care what they sow nor what they reap. All Christians care about their reputations and character.

– Malcolm L. Hill January 12, 1934- June 26, 2012