Psychology is a most confused field with many contradictions and much conjecture. The word psyche comes from the Greek psuche and refers to the mind, or spirit. It is the part of man referred to in the Bible as our eternal nature. Freud’s id, ego and superego mapped out a method to remove the care taking of souls from the pastoral functions of the Church. He pursued the infamous era in which pastoral counseling ceased to exist. Today too many Christian counselors are enamored with integrating secular psychological philosophies with biblical remedies. This is a contradiction of our calling. Psychologies taught in brotherhood schools seek state licensure for their students. We have arrived at the idea that we cannot effectively counsel. This is irrational to say the least.

State licensure is NOT required to conduct pastoral counseling. I recommend malpractice insurance for those who receive remuneration for services. Yes, we can legally be paid by our clientele. It is recommended that one be endorsed by a congregation (church). The churches of Christ need to realize the all sufficiency of the Bible to completely equip the ministering Christian to perform counseling with skill to those in need of guidance (2 Timothy 3:16). Darwinism and Humanism envelop secular methods of approaching people. The Church, on the other hand does not treat people like animals, nor like they need to escape legitimate guilt for whatever their situation. People are souls in the making.
God is using every situation persons are in, to create the ideal environment, in which to offer them spiritual life with the Gospel. The gospel is good news, isn’t it? Jesus does offer an invitation to whosoever will. God presents us with comfort and with that comfort we are able to soothe other people who are suffering. Realize that when you counsel someone using the Bible that you are not alone in the session. God is right there in our midst. He works wonders when we listen to our counselor with all due attention. The Lord works with power when we pray for a sin-sick spirit. He molds with His spiritual nature to conform our client’s nature, using the strength of the Gospel to call people to change (repent) their minds, producing a change in behavior, which results in a change in emotions. Have confidence elder, pastor, preacher and fellow Christian. God is on our side. We do not need to integrate theories made by psychologists. The power to win souls and influence people is with the Bible.
-Donny Weimar

Donny Weimar is one of Tennessee Bible College’s online instructors. The Christian Counseling course at TBC uses the unpublished book he wrote, “Bible On Counseling”, as its primary textbook. Donny hopes to have it published sometime in 2017.