Meet Glenn B. Ramsey

Professor of Religious Education 

Glenn’s work at TBC consists of teaching classes (on-line and in person).  He also has worked in teaching extension courses all over the middle part and eastern part of Tennessee. Glenn began work as an adjunct professor at TBC in 1980 and started full time work at the College September 1985.


What brought you to Tennessee Bible College?
I came to the school because of my interest in higher Christian education and because Brother Malcolm Hill invited and urged me to be a part of TBC’s effort.
What advice and encouragement would you give an incoming student that is looking to be a preacher? 
Preaching the Gospel is the greatest work in the world.  If there is anything else that a man would rather do, he should NOT preach the gospel. Preaching the Gospel involves the full time commitment and effort of any faithful preacher.  But if there is nothing you would rather do than preach the Gospel, then prepare and do it!
Do you have a special memory while preaching that stands out in your mind and can you tell us about that experience?
My memories of the faithful and good Christians who have already gone on to their reward are the most precious.  To see people respond in faithful service to the Lord upon hearing His Word is my greatest comfort.
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