Meet Kerry Duke, VP of Academics and Academic Affairs

We’ve spotlighted several students from the school and some faculty in the past, but here is a chance to take a closer look at a man that has influenced countless lives within the halls of TBC and around the world. Kerry shares with us reasons for hope during the current mess this nation finds itself in and also the bright future ahead for Tennessee Bible College!

How long have you been working for Tennessee Bible College?

I began teaching part-time in 1989. Then I became Dean of the Undergraduate School and a full-time teacher in 1992.

Can you explain to us your role with the College and what you love most about it?

My first joy here is teaching—seeing that look in students’ eyes when they “get it” (or hearing the excitement in their voice or even reading the appreciation in their notes). I also enjoy immensely talking with prospective students and others who just need encouragement, advice, or a Bible answer. I can’t even begin to describe how many doors the college opens every day to people in so many different places. As the years pass, I think more and more of what an honor this is—to teach, write, record, counsel, travel and preach.

What are some interesting facts about the College that you feel most people do not realize?

A person can take one class or many; he or she can take courses for college credit or just sit in and audit a class. We offer classes in many ways: on-campus classes, online courses, classes at churches upon request, seminars for the public, and international travel and studies. The courses in Christian evidences and apologetics are unique and very needed today. TBC is not just a preacher training school. It is open to men and women who want to learn.

Okay, so we have taken a few pictures before of your interesting décor items in your office. What are some of your favorite keepsakes in your office? 

Chinese artwork with Scriptures from Taiwan, Russian matryoshka dolls, and hundreds of drawings kids at church have made during my sermons over the years.

Share with us a remembered story from all your mission trips for TBC.

One of Kerry’s favorite photos from his work with TBC.

My first trip to Russia was in 1991 just before the Iron Curtain fell. Our job was to teach in a university. I had taken all kinds of classes in apologetics, and frankly at times I thought they were not all that relevant. But I found myself in a part of the planet where atheism was commonly believed. So I lectured as persuasively as I could for two weeks. Some seemed to appreciate the lessons while others resisted. The next year I went back. A student told me I had convinced him the year before that God exists. He had been baptized in the meantime and was a member of the church.

What does the future look like for Tennessee Bible College?

Very promising. God has blessed us in so many ways. We are ready by the grace of God to teach in whatever ways we can—on campus, online, internationally, congregationally.

Through all the trials we are facing in this nation and around the world, what have been your thoughts and what has brought you the most hope during this time?

The roaring of the ocean in Daniel 7 is used to represent upheavals in societies and governments. Throughout all this confusion God is working His will in ways that are beyond our comprehension. Our faith is being tested. Some are failing that test while others are growing in their faith. But the kingdom of God will live on. We have God’s Word on that.

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