A strange scene in Sodom unfolds in Genesis 19:9.  We find the men of Sodom angry at righteous Lot. Why? Because he tries to tell them what to do! They didn’t give a second thought to their lack of hospitality. Thoughts of love for their fellow man were not on their mind.  It is not their unnatural desire to abuse the angels visiting Lot that bothers them. No, rather it is Lot and his attitude of “judging” that bothers them immensely. God is about to destroy the whole city for their perversion and they think they are the ones who should be angry. They were indignant!

When questioned about “mob actions” by youth in the city, the mayor of Chicago was quick to correct a reporter and take exception to the phrase. It was not the looting of the stores that bothered him. It was not the damaging of innocent people’s property and fear for the public’s safety that was on his mind. No, it’s calling the looters a “mob” that angers him (sighted here).

When someone is found obstructing a sidewalk or yelling obscenities at passing tourists in a big city, how are we supposed to act? Should we try to force them into medical and psychiatric facilities for detox? Should we detain them long enough to check for wounds or weapons on them? Should we try to stop the flow of deadly drugs into the city and nation? No, the main thing in modern society you must always keep in mind is that you are awful if you “judge” such an individual.

It is logically inconsistent to demand judgment on anyone “judging” other individuals. It is morally reprehensible to ignore lawlessness and the awful sin of rejecting authority (II Peter 2:10). It is irresponsible to ignore the problems and plight of your fellow man in the name of inclusion! Christian, never let society drag you down into their way of thinking. You know what is right and what you should be angry about when you see it. Never ever let anyone convince you that you should not have natural reactions of sympathy and anger to simple sin and suffering. Let us keep on identifying the problem: SIN! Let us keep on insisting that innocent people, poor people, and Christian people be defended and helped, not ignored by people who just don’t want to help. They would rather tell you that YOU are the  bad person for identifying another as “worse off” or “wrong.” It is an excuse on their part to do nothing and to justify their own sinfulness. Recognize how the world thinks so that you can make sure it doesn’t rub off on you or your family.

-Tim McHenry, TBC Online Instructor