Last summer, when organizers were gearing up for Tennessee Bible College’s annual Truth Bible Camp, a particular word struck a chord.


“We did a word study on ‘light’ and its use in Scripture,” Jonathan Huddleston, camp director, said. “Light is an underlying theme of the Bible – a reference to Jesus Christ.”

This year, it’s the theme of Truth Bible Camp, to be held June 19-13 on the TBC campus at 1616 McCulley Road, Cookeville. Those wishing to attend have until June 10 to register.

“This is our 22nd year of operation,” TBC President David Hill said. “It’s been a real positive experience for us through the years. The children come and encourage us with their interest and energy level. That’s always a shot in the arm to us.”

Full-time, overnight camp is available for ages 12-18. The cost is $25 and includes meals. Activities include Bible classes, devotionals, sermon preparation, practical Christian service training and a variety of recreational activities.

Day camp is offered for ages 9-11 and costs $15, which includes meals. Day campers will receive age-appropriate training in Christian living and have fun with outdoor games and craft activities. Hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Check-in for both groups is June 9 at 4 p.m. at Northeast Church of Christ, which is next door to the TBC campus. Camp concludes following a special evening service on June 13.

Huddleston said the purpose of Truth Bible Camp is to strengthen each camper’s relationship with God and his or her leadership potential in the church. It’s also about having fun.

“The boys can expect hands-on experience and instruction in leading the various acts of worship, including in-depth training on sermon preparation and delivery,” he said. “The girls can expect to learn how to prepare for and teach a Bible class, including opportunities to teach our day campers. They will also receive instruction from mature Christian women regarding Christian service, including visiting the sick and caring for others.”

To register for camp, call 526-2616 or visit

“I’d like to encourage anyone who is interested in participating to reach out to us,” Huddleston said. “I believe that each year gets better so my expectation is that 2019 will be the best Truth Bible Camp to date.”

-Amy Davis