Meet Cullen Bridges

Degree Sought: Bachelor of Religious Education 

Cullen is a new student studying with Tennessee Bible College and we find his search and determination for the truth fascinating!

Share with us your background and how you came to study with TBC.

I grew up in the Baptist church. For me it was simply a matter of going through the motions. You spent the week doing whatever and then went to church on Sunday. Whatever doctrine I knew came from the pulpit alone.

That all changed when I turned about 17 and, along with my father, we noticed that many things in the Bible didn’t match with what we learned, baptism being the big one. Since then that same deep study led us to learning of the Restoration Movement.

Around the time COVID-19 hit I was working as an Associate Producer for WPSD in Paducah, but also the idea of entering the ministry was on my mind. To make a long story short, it came from being laid off. I saw what God wanted from me.

So after much prayer and searching I eventually came across TBC and have seen it was definitely the right choice.

So far, what have you enjoyed most about TBC’s Academic Programs?

Right off the bat, I like that they’re as close to the Biblical narrative as one can be. My hermeneutics class is something I’m essentially glad I’m starting off with.

How is TBC helping you in your personal life and career goals? 

It seems like after just about every lesson I have something to discuss afterwards with my parents, in a good way. Like I said, coming out of the Baptist church, it’s refreshing being able to continue learning from those who truly look for what Scripture says. Job-wise I feel more comfortable now entering into this area especially with the church I’m currently attending (Broadway Church of Christ).

To learn more, check out TBC’s Bachelor of Religious Education Program.