Meet Robert Ati Amukwei

Degree Sought: Bachelor of Religious Education

Robert Ati is one of TBC’s many online students studying from Ghana. He has a close connection to TBC and we are grateful for his dedication to study God’s Word!

Share with us your background. How did you find TBC?
I had wanted to be journalist but life changed my sweet dream. I grew strong minded and wanted to do the difficult task of engineering. The tuition for registering exams was expensive and I didn’t want to worry my mom so I found a job with World Bible School as local follow up in Accra after worship at Nsawam Road Church of Christ to assist Preacher Willie Gley (Brown Trail School of Preaching, TX) as follow up worker in quest to support my education.
 As I taught visiting students the Bible in our conference room, our secretary would address me as Evangelist Amukwei all the time. I often felt empty not doing Bible teaching, and this is how I found my calling. No doubt a calling goes with training and that is where I looked a Bible college online and found TBC a certified training institute to fill my thirst in  ministry.
Our past President, Malcolm Hill, accepted my application without a penny and did everything so I could be on campus in Tennessee but unfortunately at the same period Osama Bin Laden attacked the WTC and America changed its policy on students across the world. I was denied entry visa.
Since my interest was to study and obtained formal training in theology, I quickly applied for online studies and I can say on authority that TBC has not turned its back since 2001 after the attack. Through the online I have  obtained Diploma in Bible studies.
How has Tennessee Bible College helped you in your ministry and work?
Although I had wished to have studied in class, online has been a blessing physically and spiritually.
I am determine in whatever state I am in to do better with all the instruction I get from them. I love TBC because it is an institute of instruction on Bible, with Bible, by Bible and extra with Bible as center. Our local adage says ”salt doesn’t praise itself” but I have harvested many souls into Christ. This praise should have come from those I interact with. Church members have said a lot but I am not yet done but will work with all the powerful tools I get from TBC.
I cannot ask for more than just more instruction in Biblical path from TBC.
Do you have a favorite class or teacher so far? 
I will thank all of them for adding to my life since I started the journey with them.
The past and current TBC President, David Hill, gave me a scholarship and also visited me in Ghana. This meant so much to me.
Professor Glenn Ramsey cautions me of how I should approach his courses but is always longsuffering by giving second chances. TBC lecturers are awesome! I also have one among them as my father in Christ, Dr. Kerry Duke, who is very dedicated and my counsellor in ministry. The lecturers have the patience for all!
My learning experience online has been like a dedicated path in packet switching file transfer by virtue of dedicated staff at the school. Maximum support for students is extended by TBC to all people of cultures, tribe, race and religion because that is their hallmark. I do get my questions answered on time of which I wish to have more because lecturers are always on the alert with extra material support. The online study program is working not only for dedicated people but also for those that need a push.
To learn more, check out TBC’s Bachelor of Religious Education Program.