COOKEVILLE – The weather is getting colder, but academics are heating up at Tennessee Bible College.


Registration for the winter quarter begins this week, and TBC Vice President Kerry Duke looks forward to another opportunity to train Gospel preachers, Christian workers and anyone else who wants to learn more about the Bible.


“People need the ‘milk and meat’ of the Word, the basics and the advanced parts of the Bible,” he said. “Our goal at TBC is to fill this void as much as possible.”


That goal is achieved through numerous course offerings, both on campus and online. 


“We offer classes in Christian evidences – the existence of God, the deity of Christ and the inspiration of the Bible,” Duke said.


Courses are divided into seven different areas – apologetics, biblical languages, doctrinal, general education, history, ministry and textual. Descriptions may be viewed at TBC’s website.


Tuition-free online courses are available as well. Those include “Jesus, The Son of God” (also offered in Spanish), “The Eldership” and “What Happened To America? A Moral and Biblical Perspective.”


Duke emphasized that Bible education is needed more than ever in today’s society.


“Religion in America has changed and is changing,” he said. “As a whole, the country is becoming less religious, and the beliefs of religious people are more diverse and mixed. This shift is a challenge, but our situation today is not that different, and in some ways not as bad, as the first century world of the New Testament. The early disciples encountered idolatry, superstition and shameless immorality, and yet the church not only survived but grew. In the rapidly changing environment of our time, we must remember Bible examples like this.”


Founded in 1975, TBC is authorized by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to award a Bachelor of Religious Education, Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology. A two-year diploma is also offered.


“There is a great need for Bible teaching today,” Duke said. “We live in a time of much skepticism and ungodliness. A recent survey from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University revealed that an alarming number of Americans are in a group called the ‘Don’ts’ – they either don’t know, don’t believe or don’t care if God exists. Tragically, even in churches people are often entertained with performances rather than edified by the Word of God.” 


TBC is located at 1616 McCulley Road, Cookeville. To learn more, call 931-526-2616.


“The answer to the needs and the problems of our age is the same as it has always been,” Duke said. “The Bible is a lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway (Psa. 119:105).”

-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent