“And the beat goes on” the 1967 hit song proclaimed, and here in 2021 the beat goes on at TBC. The academic year is progressing and is now a little over halfway completed. At this writing the campus is being prepared for Renew 2021, our annual lectureship February 27-28. This year’s theme is “Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled.”

“Hope springs eternal” for the Christian. The truth of this statement is proven. In challenging times, the Christian has an eternal hope that sustains. The hope in Christ overcomes the darkness of the world—an eternal hope that is far above the terrestrial (Philippians 1:23). This is the message of Christ to his disciples and to us when he said “Let not your heart be troubled” (John 14:1).

While challenges are ever before us, we should show the world what true hope is and what it looks like in the lives of Christians. While the President predicts a “very dark winter,” the light of Christ should reflect in us to illuminate a very dark world. While the world is depressed, we should follow the example of the deliverer Joshua of old, who boldly proclaimed we can take the land [Canaan]. The gospel of Christ has the power to change our world and to deliver “if the Lord delights in us” (Numbers 14:8) safely to spiritual Canaan—Heaven. We appreciate all who are contributing to continuing the annual lectureship tradition this year, and I’m looking forward to this time of refreshing.

I’ve received great encouragement through a new monthly event, “Visit with the President.” It has been uplifting having the opportunity through ZOOM meetings to visit with our students around the world. To see them, talk with them, and hear their dedication to the Lord has strengthened my faith and encouraged me in the work and mission of the College. Who can know the extent of influence and evangelism from these dedicated students? Please pray for them and for us as we continue.

Finally, in one year LeAnn’s Hope has already crossed the $33,000 mark and continues to grow. The fund has been active in purchasing good books for students around the world. This fund has provided scholarships for those desiring to study, helped purchase food for some in need, assisted an elderly missionary in a difficult place, and helped a single mother as she works to get her life back on track. All of the above accomplished through many generous gifts in memory of our beloved, departed sister, LeAnn Duke, who was the wife of TBC Vice-President Kerry Duke. I know she would rejoice to know what has been accomplished thus far.

Rejoice in the Lord always! (Philippians 4:4). Praise is appropriate for the upright (Psalm 33:1). Give thanks in remembrance of the holy God (Psalm 97:12). Why? Because the beat of your life goes on sustained by Him. I’m thankful that the Lord continues to bless us and keep us in our work of Christian education. To Him be the glory and honor forever, amen.

-David Hill, President of Tennessee Bible College