COOKEVILLE – “What happened to America?”
A new free online course being offered by Tennessee Bible College will address this question from a biblical perspective by examining major events and changes in attitudes toward God, the Bible and morality in the United States over the past 100 years.
“This decade-by-decade look at the moral and spiritual condition of America will be a reminder to some, a shock to others and an education for all,” Kerry Duke, TBC vice president and course instructor, said.
Registration is open for the 10-week course, which begins Sept. 14.
In addition to “moral earthquakes” that occurred between 1920 and 2020, students will learn about Bible answers to today’s moral issues, lessons from the experiences of previous generations, and scriptural principles for a stable society.
“This course is not just about tracing the causes and effects in this moral decline,” Duke said. “It is also about returning to moral sanity by turning our hearts and minds to God and the Bible, the book cited more than any other when the country first began. In particular the first chapters of the book of Genesis contain the answers to many moral issues of our day: same-sex relations, marriage problems, the use of alcohol, the death penalty, racism, environmentalism, animal rights and others.”

To register, call TBC at 931-526-2616 or visit
“This course is not just a look at the past,” Duke said. “It is encouragement for the future through the wisdom given by the God who sees what lies ahead.”
-Amy Davis, TBC Correspondent